Off The Beaten Track

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Off The Beaten Track:

While it’s true that there are some sights in Oman that simply can’t be missed – like the spectacular Grand Mosque – many of our guests prefer the road less traveled. For these intrepid souls we have put together our ‘insiders take’ on Oman – from visits to the lesser known museums and galleries of Muscat to an exhilarating bash down the ‘Bedouin Highways’; lunch in the World Heritage Listed ‘aflaj farms of Birkat al Mawz and time browsing in the Nizwa, Bahla or Ibra souks; or a visit to a rose water distillery in Jebel Akhdar.

Then there are the things you can only do with us and that are impossible in a larger group – a private visit to the stables of the Royal Cavalry of Oman, or visiting the workshop of the last remaining indigo dyer in Bahla.
All our ‘Off the Beaten Track’ itineraries are bespoke, to the particular interests of our clients and to take advantage of the special things that are happening just when our clients happen to be in town.


Off The Beaten Track Bookings:

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