Oman Forts & Palaces

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Oman Forts and Palaces Tours:

History, Romance, and a Relaxing Sail into the Sunset …
Enjoy our Forts & Palaces guided tour – a City Tour from the water.


Guided Oman Forts & Palaces Tours:

From tiny villages to glowering forts, the history of Oman is written upon her coastline.
With its rugged and desolate terrain, Oman has always looked towards the sea for trade, transport and communications with the outside world.

This informative journey along the coast is a wonderful trip through the dim past, culminating in an experience only Ocean Blue Oman is able to offer – sailing into the Palace Bay to view the elegance of the Reception Palace and then into the modern vibrancy of Muttrah Habour itself.


What You’ll See On An Oman Forts & Palaces Tour:


  • Seaside Villages of Qantab, Bustan, Sidab  & Haramel
  • Al Bustan Palace Hotel
  • The British Ambassador’s Residence
  • Cemetery Bay
  • Muscat Bay
  • The ‘Hidden Harbour’ of Muscat
  • Al Jelali & Al Mirani Forts
  • The Al Alam Reception Palace
  • Muttrah Fort & Harbour
  • Port Sultan Qaboos


Oman Forts & Palaces Cruise Details:

Oman forts cruise duration: 2.5 hours.
Departs from: Ocean Dive Center, Marina Bander Al Rawdha, Shangri La Marina.
Vessels:  All our vessels are available on private charter basis for the Oman Forts & Palaces Cruise.
Inclusions: soft drinks, water, fruit juice and fresh fruit.
Expert guide: included.
Additional catering is available upon request.


Oman Forts & Palaces Cruise Bookings:

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