Oman Dolphins & Whales

Dolphins !


Dolphin Escape Cruise:

One of our Oman Dolphin Escape cruises will take you into the extraordinary aquatic world of the Gulf of Oman.

The azure waters around Muscat are teeming with amazing wildlife – from green and leatherback turtles to massive balls of baitfish.  Whales, dolphins and the big fish they chase are all just below the surface waiting to be discovered.

For the ultimate Oman Dolphin Escape, one of our yachts will take you on a fascinating cruise that seeks out the most varied marine wildlife on your Muscat holiday.


Oman Dolphin Watching:

Watch the incredible, tiny spinner dolphins, distinguished by their thin, long beaks and fins as they mass  in their hundreds following sardines and other bait fish.  These dolphins are so named for their amazing leaping and mid air spins, landing with an impressive splash.

Common dolphins and bottle nose dolphins are also frequent playmates on the Oman Dolphin Escape cruise.  In fact, up to 11 different species of dolphins are believed to live in the warm waters of Oman.

Seeing these playful and amazing animals are a ‘must do’ on any Muscat holiday.  On every Oman Dolphin Escape trip, we see something different.  From the variety of birdlife to our underwater mammals, there’s always something to see.  Whilst on each Oman  Daylight Escape cruise we concentrate on finding whales and dolphins, there is an amazing amount of other wildlife to spot as well. Take a peek and watch our video below!


Oman Whale Watching:

Depending on the season, we seek out the majestic humpbacks and sperm whales and look for a glimpse of the rare killer whales.  The waters off the coast of Muscat are the most common place to see whales in all of Oman.

Whale watching depends on the migration patterns of the whales in the Muscat region.
Please contact us for details.


Oman  Dolphin Escape Cruise Details:

SHARED CHARTER – every Tuesday at 0800 we depart to gather information for the Environment Society of Oman’s Whale & Dolphin Project. Adults OMR35, Children OMR 25  Join us! For credit card bookings, click HERE

Or for Pay Pal or cash bookings & payments, contact us on

Cruise Duration : 2 hours.

Available: September through May; best chance to see whales is around Christmas / New Year.

Departs from : Oman Dive Center, Marina Bandar Al Rowdha, Shangri La Marina or Jebel Sifa Marina.

Inclusions: Soft drinks, water, fruit juice and fresh fruit.

Vessels:  All our vessels are available on private charter basis for the Oman Dolphin Escape Cruise.

Expert Guide : Available for all private charters on advance booking.

Additional catering is available on request.


Oman Dolphin Escape Cruise Bookings:

For further information about an Oman Dolphin Escape Cruise including availability, prices and bookings please see our rate card or contact us on: