Bait Al Bilad



The Village House

The village house is a fully restored and authentic village house on the beach of Qantab – the fishing village that lies between the Al Bustan Palace & Shangri La hotels.  Our mission here is to offer our guests an authentic Omani dining experience, surrounded by the jebel and the sea, lit by a thousand candles and resonating to the sound of the oudh and tabla.
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Entree Mezze:

-Mashkik (skewers of marinated cubes of lamb grilled over charcoal)
-Yoghurt & Cucumber Salad
-Salad of Local Romaine Lettuce, Sweet White Onion & Red Radish
-Hand made Omani Bread- Made locally by the village women!


-Chicken Kabuli (Chicken cooked with Basmati Rice & Aromatic Spices)
-Marak Samak (With a tangy coconut based sauce infused with dried limes and tomato this dish is designed to show off the magnificent local tuna or king fish and is the signature dish of many Muscat housewives)
-Beans & Potato Marak (Green beans & potato stewed with tomato, onion and black pepper, with additional sweetness provided by cinnamon and cardamom and finished with fresh green coriander)


-Lokhaimat (Sweet Crispy Dumplings)
-Omani Halwa


  • Tomato and Onion Salad – with a light, lemon based dressing adds freshness
  • Green Chilli Chutney – Fiery hot!  Add to the rice and curries to taste.
  • Lime Pickle – the ubiquitous fresh, small limes, prepared with red chilies and used to add flavor particularly to lentil rice.


Optional Extras:

Lamb Ouzi; Whole or half lamb barbecued over charcoal on the rooftop.
Omani Shuwa; Goat or camel cooked in traditional style under the ground, Marinated in spices and cooked in banana leaves.


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